Teaching English in Bengbu, Anhui Province, at No. 1 High School

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No. 1 High School of Bengbu, Anhui Province, P.R.China

a.Native English speakers
b.At least holds bachelor degree or above
c.Has at least 3 years teaching experience in the relevant subjects.
d.Love teaching, love students, responsible, good personality

a. Insurance
b. Holiday: China public holidays, school summer and winter holidays, western Christmas holiday.
c. Accommodation: school apartment
d. Food: free at school restaurant
e. Salary: RMB 15,000 per month, 12 months per year.

Bengbu, Anhui Province, P.R.China

5.Teaching Subjects:
Academic English (Listening, Express ability, Reading, Writing)
Self study ability
Mathematics (basic, statistics, probability, finance, integral, advanced application)
Computing (basic for academic, data management, illustration and web design)
Business(business studies,
Science (science theory, nature science)
Social Science (community ability, social identity, interpersonal communication, research ability, global problems)
ACT examination preparation ability
IELTS examination preparation ability
TOEFL examination preparation ability

Course level: Australia GAC course, Australia senior high school course equivalent

Applicant chooses 4 or 5 subjects for teaching, one of which must be academic English or IELTS/TOEFL examination preparation ability. Except teaching, the teacher also needs to make teaching plan according to requirement, assessment method, test assessment, etc..Since the students will choose to study abroad, the teacher is also required to write recommendation to the students who need.

6. Contact:
Elaine Han
Tel: 0086-21-52280760
Mobile: 0086-15821290920
Email: elainehan7@gmail.com

About No. 1 Middle School of Bengbu
No.1 High School of Bengbu is the first complete high school in the history of Bengbu. In February, 1949, Bengbu was liberated, and the People’s Government combined three public schools which had been founded by the Kuomintang Government to one school – No.1 High School of Bengbu. In the early days after the establishment of P.R. China, the school was set as one of the first ten provincial key high schools because of its excellent education. Its area is 42,102 m2 (63.15 mu) and the area of structure is 26,368 m2. The library has more than 80,000 books, and the laboratory building has advanced devices and achieves the National Class-A Standard. The school has a fast pace of modernization.

Now it has five computer and multimedia labs, and there is a campus network supporting 233 student computers. In recent years, the school has spent more than 60 million Yuan RMB to purchase or upgrade equipment, and it has been named as “The Modern Educational Technology Laboratory School” by the government recently。

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