Teaching English in Shandong Tengzhou City, 8k-12k RMB

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A Private middle school in Tengzhou City, Shandong Province, China

a.Degree of Bachelor or above
b.American, Canadian or Australian
c.3-5 years teaching
d.30—50 years old
f.workload:16-18 lessons each week,work in office (8:00a.m.-- 12:00, 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m.) from Monday to Friday
g.Respect the local customs
h.Have strong skills in operating the computer to produce vivid sliders which can make the teaching attractive and effective.
i.Have great ability to search and compile the updated and interesting teaching materials to make the foreign class expanded and deepened according to the students’ abilities.
j.Have great ability to control the class with the help of assistant teachers.

a Health care:Same as Chinese teachers
b.Holiday:Have the same holiday with Chinese teachers
c. Salary: 8,000RMB—12,000RMB each month
d. Bonus: 2,000rmb-3,000rmb with excellent performance
e. Food:Offer the kitchenware in the apartment
f. Free house:Located in school
g. Flight allowance:
Reimburse: Return flight with one year contract
One way flight with half a year contract
h. Travel allowance:2200RMB for one year 1100RMB for half a year

Tengzhou city Shandong province

5.Teaching object:
Students from Private middle school

6. Contact
Ms Zhang: 13466723046

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