Teaching English in Zhejiang Anji Foreign Language School

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Playground of Anji Foreign Language School

1. School:
Anji Foreign Language School (County Anji, Zhejiang Province)
The school covers an area 8,133 hectares and the buildings enclose 29.000 square meters. Established by Shengdaxian Developing Company, it is the first nine year compulsory private school in Anji. The aim of this school is to prepare the modern Chinese student to go confidently out into the world.

a. Degree of Bachelor or above
b. TEFL or TESOL Certificate
c. Body: healthy
d. Native English speakers
e. A couple that have a plan to stay for a long time preferred

3. Treatment:
a. A well-appointed apartment on campus
b. free breakfast on weekday
c. Salary: 5000RMB per month
d. travel Subsidy: the teacher can get 3000 RMB allowance for each trip during the holiday.

4. Workload:
around 20 lessons per week (40 minutes per lesson)

5.working place:
on campus of Anji Foreign Language School

6.Teaching object:
Students in both primary and junior high school

Anna 18767113216

Teaching building of Anji Foreign Language School

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