Teaching English in Zhejiang Zhoushan Jiaxin Kindergarten

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Zhejiang Zhoushan

Kindergarten: Zhejiang Zhoushan JiaXin Kindergarten


Vancancies: 2

1. Unspecific education background, but preferably with major in Linguistics or literature
2. Unspecified gender and age limit.
3. Native English speaker,those who are from USA,UK,Canada,Australia or New Zealand are preferred.

1. To teach 5 classes per week, each with a duration of 120 minutes.
2. To bring materials for Elementary spoken English.
3. To teach speaking, reading,conversation and listening.

Remuneration and Holidays:
6000-10000 Yuan per month
Two days off per week (may have to work on weekends and have some weekdays off)

The kindergarten now possesses 500 students and 40 teachers, with 15—20 students per class on average. Students there have a basic knowledge of English. Teaching material will be provided by kindergarten but teachers are expected to bring materials for Elementary spoken English. The main task of teacher is to offer classes in aspects of speaking,reading,conversation and listening.

Overview of Kindergarten:
Our kindergarten is located in Zhoushan, a city of Zhejiang Province.And because of its good location near Ningbo,the city is famous for rapid development in these years. The climate here is generally agreeable, with 35 degrees highest in summer and 0 degrees lowest in winter.
The number of population reaches 5 million,so the infrastructure and living facilities are well furnished.Restaurants, Hospitals,Theaters and Library are not very far from our school. Train Station and bus station are convenient for you to travel around.

The apartments for teachers are authorized by the SAFEA Bureau and Provincial Education Department, with a floor space of 30—40 Sqm for each. Every teacher will be planned to live in a self-contained apartment, which is about 10 km from the school.

Any person who is interested in this position, please submit resumes or more details to:
or contact Aaron.king: 021-53580630

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