Full-time teaching jobs in Shanghai, permium & reliable positions

Full-time teaching jobs in Shanghai carry 40 hours per week, including both teaching hours and office hours.

Teachers at kindergartens, schools and universities have a regular working time from Monday to Friday in the daytime. But in most training centers or language schools, evenings and weekends are usually the busiest hours. Consequently teachers can have 2 days off, maybe on Monday and Tuesday.

Full-time teachers get a monthly salary based upon the teaching hours. Generally speaking, higher salary for longer working hours, and private school teachers salaries are normally more than those in the public school. From May to August is the peak recruitment period for native English teachers as well as from September till January.

Generally a one-year contract is required for most teachers with an exception of a half-year contract in some schools. Meanwhile, by finding a full-time job in school, teachers can apply for the Z visa and obtain the foreign expert certificate.

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