Part-time teaching jobs in Shanghai, flexible & easy, good salaries

We don't let out our teachers' pictures or personal information. It's safe working with us!

Shanghai is a city full of part-time teaching opportunities, including substitute teaching in local kindergartens, elementary schools, training centers, universities, summer camps, corporate English training and tutoring in Shanghai.

Good salary but no welfare
In Shanghai, part-time teacher’s salary, usually paid by hour, could be much higher than that of a full-time job. Although most of the part-time teaching requires a fixed schedule, teachers could still enjoy a more flexible working hour, especially for those one-on-one tutors. Instead of working in the office, you can prepare your lessons at home.

The schools (employers) will not be responsible for the work visa (Z Visa) or a foreign expert certificate for the foreign teachers who do part-time jobs, neither will they cover the airfares. Teachers are paid for the hours spent on teaching.

Teachers holding a TESOL, TELF or TESL certificate with rich teaching and/or tutoring experiences are preferred.
For corporate English teaching, Language training experts with a strong business background and focus are highly appreciated.