Golf Course enters elementary and secondary schools in Shanghai

Composed at May 21, 2010 - 1:27 pm, filed in Entertainment & Events, from FLTA

From Sep. 2010, golf courses will be available to students in some of the elementary and secondary school in Shanghai.

Currently there are 83 secondary schools, colleges and universities in China who have golf courses and the number will be more than 100 in the next 5 years. In 2010 World University Games in Shenzhen golf will become an official game and China will have team to participate in this game. Besides, golf has successfully become the official game in the summer Olympic Games 2016.

In fact nowadays many schools and colleges have offered golf courses as sport curriculum just like basketball, football and table tennis and there will be more colleges and universities who offer golf courses. For example, Shanghai University of Finance offers a golf course for 200 students (for both male and female students) every year. Shanghai University of Sport has even listed golf course as a special compulsory course with duration of 5 semesters. Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA) has build a standard golf course.