A Class for Managers in Shanghai World Expo Site

Composed at June 16, 2010 - 1:40 am, filed in 2010 World Expo, from FLTA

There are 246 pavilions in 2010 Shanghai World Expo, including 42 self-constructed pavilions, 42 rented pavilions, and 11 joint pavilions. What are displayed in the pavilions are all the best in value and quality, equipped with the most advanced technology and managed with the most cutting-edge management skills.

The World Expo is a culture feast for every single global citizen. Diverse culture, various lifestyles, and different thoughts and concepts are all converged and displayed in the Expo. Walking into a site, you will find yourself in an unprecedented profound class where all kinds of culture are blended in every lesson. If you are perceptive enough to grasp the advanced concepts, thinking methods and wisdom from the greatest mind of every country, and to learn best managing methods, you will be lucky to learn from the best in other countries and better yourself.

In the American Pavilion, there are American guides in every exhibition area ready to show you around. They repeatedly warn the visitors in their slightly stuttering Chinese of the possible emergency in which they can take an orderly evacuation from the Emergency exit. Even though the probability of any emergency is almost zero, every chance to inform the audience will never be missed in every exhibition area for every group of visitors. That can best exemplify the idea promoted by American Pavilion, American Administration and the Americans that safety is never too early to be prepared. However, compared with America, China still has a long way to go in precaution.

There is no "Green Passage" for wheelchairs and prams in Spanish Pavilion so special visitors like those in wheelchairs and infants in prams can follow the crowd into the pavilion in small size, but not other way around. As is explained by the staff there, the dim light at the entry can give those special visitors an easy time finding themselves in a sense of direction, preventing any possible accident from happening. Furthermore, it also pacifies the visitors in a long queue seeing those special visitors among them. The simple and easy arrangement bears every manifestation of the caring and responsibility of the managers.

Those visitors working as managers can benefit a lot in the World Expo. Despite various trades they are in, the rules and principles of managing have long arms. They can dig out extra “fruits” as long as they observe and perceive with heart and soul during the visiting.