4 Measures to Facilitate Smoking Control in Expo Site

Composed at June 1, 2010 - 5:57 pm, filed in 2010 World Expo, from FLTA

Recently, four measures are to be taken to facilitate smoking control in Expo Site.

Measure 1
Joint Efforts to publicize smoking control will be taken inside & outside of the Expo Site. On one hand, more visitors and citizens will be aware of the regulation “Smoking is prohibited within the whole Expo Site except in designated places” with the reinforced publicity by the media to inform smokers of the “smoking controlled tour”. On the other hand, the “smoking control” regulation will be delivered by fully using publicizing channels in the Garden and pavilions, like screens, broadcasts and short message platform by China Mobile - a collaborating company of the World Expo in Shanghai.

Measure 2
Safety inspection will be strengthened. Safety inspection in every exit and entrance of the Garden will be strengthened to ensure that igniters like lighters and matches are not taken into the Garden by visitors.

Measure 3
Smoking areas will be added properly as guidance for the self-discipline of those “smoker” visitors in accordance with the regulations. Meanwhile, every smoking area will be inspected to confirm and resolve the problem that lots of igniters have been lost or damaged, which has been complaint about many times by citizens. Once the problem is confirmed, new igniters will be placed in the areas.

Measure 4
Smoking control will be carried out with polite guidance and warm reminding. Volunteers will take turns to text short messages to the smoking visitors, persuading them to smoke in designated places thus creating a clean environment for more visitors. The volunteers and visitors can leave those smokers to the security staff if persuasion fails. In May 31, the 23th World No-Tobacco Day, volunteers will text short messages to smoking visitors in all the Gardens promote smoking control. The Shanghai Expo Board has expressed its intention to take further efforts to advocate smoking control among all the staff in the Garden. All the workers are forbidden from smoking except in designated areas.