Bengbu city (pear city), capital of Anhui Province

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City of Bengbu

Bengbu, short form is Beng, the other name is pear city. It is 5952 meters square, the population is 3,524, belongs to Anhui province of People’s Republic of China, the key position city for transportation, the business and trade centre, manufacturing industry center and post communication command and dispatch centre. Huaihe river goes through the city, it close to Fengyang city and Nanjing city. Since it is famous for mussel in ancient time, it forms the name ”pear city”.
The city is in the intersection of Beijing to Shanghai and south huaihe railway, also is the biggest G train(fast train) railway hinge, Beijing to Shanghai G train and Hefei to Fuzhou G Train meet here. From Bengbu railway station, you can go to 20 cities, 3 independent cities and more than 10 sea cities. By G train, it only takes 1 hour and 58 minutes to Shanghai.4C level standard airport is finished. The modern transportation advantages, takes Bengbu good conditions for its economy and development.

temperate zone, clear 4 seasons, warm whether.

Bengbu is famous for its natural sceneries. There are mountains and rivers which join together naturally. The city also has many human landscapes and places of interest. The Huaihe River flows through the city from west to east, and the Huaiherailway bridge and highway bridge connect the south and north。Also, it has one provincial scenic spot called theDragon Lake. Besides, there is a tomb named Tanghe, which was built in the Ming Dynasty, and there are stone human and beast statues in front of tomb. In Huaiyuan County, there is provincial scenic spot, Tujingshan, where the Tushan Mountain and Jingshan Mountain are located on two sides of a river. The Tushan Mountain is famous for the tale of Yu the Great. During the large-scale fair, local people would come to sacrifice and worship for Yu the Great taming the Flood. On the Jingshan Mountain, there are the Wanghuai Loft, the King Qi Palace, the Bianhe Cave, where Bianhe held the Jade, and the White Milk Spring, which was praised as “The Seventh Spring on the World” by Dongpo Su, who was a great literature writer lived in the North Song Dynasty. Besides, there are the Chanku Temple and the Feishan Cave, which is honored as the best karst cave in the north area of the Changjiang River. Bengbu is also an ideal place to enjoy the sight of the Huaihe River. The famous “Three Gorges” of the Huaihe River consists of the Xiashan Gorge in Fengtai County, the Jingshan Gorge in Huaiyuan County and the Fushan Gorge in Wuhe County. If you departure from Bengbu by ship, you could view the beautify scenery and scenic spots on the both sides of the Huaihe River.

Bengbu City of Anhui Province