Dinning on the Great Wall

Composed at May 20, 2011 - 12:16 am, filed in Travelling, from www.hiasgourmet.com

Jianfo Palace

For those unsatisfied with a day trip and a climb along its steep steps, the Great Wall has more to offer. Plan a dinner or celebration on a private undisturbed length of the wall and watch the sun set over magnificent surrounding mountains while enjoying gourmet cuisine and fine wines, entirely catered and arranged by Hias Gourmet for the Beijing visitor seeking total perfection. They also arrange more intimate and exclusive dining experiences for couples or families in beautifully restored traditional village homes under the Great Wall. Tucked into the inspiring remote landscape, dining by romantic lantern light with the magnificent Wall before you, you'll feel like the only people in the world — and certainly the most privileged. A selection of dishes from the sample menu include; oysters on the half shell served natural with a choice of mignonette and spicy cocktail sauce, foie gras pâté with spiced apple tart and aged balsamic, star anise braised beef short rib, Peking Duck roll with spiced nuts and goat cheese, confit loin stir-fried with cumin, and among other signature desserts, a mouthwatering chocolate terrine with Grand Marnier crème anglaise and fresh seasonal berries. Dining on the Great Wall by Hias Gourmet is, in every way, an elite Beijing experience. Hias Gourmet also arranges fine dining experiences inside the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, where you can indulge your inner gourmand in exclusive rooms and imperial quarters off-limits to tourists and visitors, just like a real emperor or empress.