Xintiandi: a Blast of Fashion in Shanghai Classic Buildings

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Located in the south of Huaihai Zhong Road, between Huangpi South Road and Madang Road, Shanghai Xintiandi, of 30,000 square meters, with building area of 60,000 square meters, is divided by the site of the first National Congress of the CPC into the North and South Blocks. As the fashionable pedestrian of Shanghai, Xintiandi, a perfect combination of Chinese and western culture and styles, retains antique Chinese construction style and embodies various cultures of the world

A Visual Feast of Shanghai Style
Entering Shikumen, you step into an ancient and classic world where old houses stand slightly. The classic alley brings people back to the old Shanghai City of walkways covered with flashed bricks, prune purple plain brick walls, thick dark doors, and lintels carved with Baroque circinate pediment. Shanghai-styled culture is the epitome of Shanghai sights while Shikumen is the epitome of Shanghai-styled culture. The buildings in Shikumen embody Shanghai culture, history and art.
In 2002 Xintiandi program was launched, in which Shikumen buildings were amended to retrieve their long-lost beauty. Furthermore, Shikumen buildings were transformed from living quarters to business centers. The symbol of Shanghai history and culture was reformed into amusement parks with restaurant, malls and theaters.

Shikumen complex retained the old appearance of brick walls and tile roof. Entering inside, you will find yourself in a hard time believing that you just move from the old Shanghai in 1900s into the modern, shining new Shanghai in 2000s.The interior of every building is designed by the modern lifestyle and following modern life pace. Xintiandi is known as the best place for visitors from home and abroad to feel Shanghai history and culture and to experience the modern life pattern. It is also local citizen and foreigners’ favorite get-together place.

Shining Fashion
In the windowless, wide rooms, there are central air-conditioner, old fireplace, western coach, eastern fauteuil, coffee bar located perfectly harmonious with the tea bar. The modern oil painting on the wall and the vertical phonograph silently narrates their connection with the host. Xintiandi is a place full of surprises.
Aside from Chinese and foreign culture, there are also various shops in Xintiandi, including clothes shops, modern jewelry shops, dessert streets, New Concept Film Center and big Quan Spas. According to Luwan Travelling Agency, the totality of commercial enterprises in Xintiandi is about 120. On average, 30,000 people come for a visit in weekday everyday and 60,000 in weekend.
A Paradigm of Modern Lifestyle.
Xintiandi is a place where the middle-aged and the old feel nostalgic, the young find fashion, foreigners get to know Chinese and Chinese get familiar with foreign culture. It is a perfect place for relaxation.
Greenbelt in Peace Bridge Park covers 40,000 square meters where high arbors and low slopes are arranged as comfortable and temporary shelters. In the center of the park lies an artificial lake with two islands at both sides. There is a huge fountain in the center of the lake. Hubin Road of more than 1,000 meters circling the lake is linked to Shikumen buildings, thus creating a unique view sight.
Xintiandi embodies an ideal lifestyle for urban citizens. Antique buildings in Shikumen, quite different from huge modern buildings in other commercial centers, totally marvels people with its uniqueness. It has transcended history and become the paradigm of modern lifestyle in Shanghai.
Connecting history with reality, linking Shanghai to the world, Xintiandi has become a color palette with the past, the present and the future Shanghai shining with beautiful colors.