TECSL is becoming increasingly popular

Composed at May 17, 2010 - 4:39 pm, filed in Studying, from FLTA

TCSL Certificate
International Profession Certification Association

With the successful Olympic Games in Beijing and Shanghai's bid for hosting the World Expo, the establishment of Confucius Institutes overseas and a series policy to promote the Chinese culture by the government have brought a fever for studying Chinese culture and language worldwide.

Currently there are more than 3000 institutions in 109 countries who offer the Chinese language courses. Among some countries, the number of Chinese language learners is growing by 50% or even more. It is estimated by the Ministry of Education that in 2010 there will be more than 100 million Chinese language learners and the demand for Chinese language teacher will be about 10 million.

There are only about ten thousand TCSL teachers in mainland China. Therefore a huge market is emerging. Currently the salary of TCSL teachers is about 50-200 RMB/hr and a monthly income of 10 thousand RMB is quite common. The annual income of TCSL teacher abroad has already reached 100 thousand USD.

How to become a qualified TCSL teacher?

To become a qualified TCSL teacher, you should participate in the internationally recognized "IPA Chinese Language Teacher Certification Test" or the "The Chinese Proficiency Test" organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. You should also have the 'Certificate of Accreditation in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL)' or 'Certificate Of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language'.