66,000 Candidates in 2010 Shanghai College Entrance Examination, a Record Low in Decade

Composed at June 2, 2010 - 9:33 am, filed in Studying, from FLTA

The totality of candidates in the approaching Shanghai entrance examination this autumn is 66,000, give or take, a record low in ten years. The planned admission totality is over 54,700. As is predicted, enrollment of 2010 will equal that of 2009. In addition, exam room arrangement has been slightly adjusted to guarantee a quiet and harmonious exam atmosphere for the candidates while the 51th World Expo is held in Shanghai.

Minor adjustments are made in exam rooms residing within World Expo range

There are 21 districts, 101 centers and 2819 rooms arranged for the exams. 201 examers, over 5600 invigilators and over 4000 staff in relevant work will be employed, nearly 10,000 of who will take first- line work, like invigilating exams.
Since the exams are taking place during the Expo, exam rooms in Pudong, Huangpu, Luwan and Xuhui have been arranged with efforts and specially located outside of World Expo range. Candidates in the 4districts will be offered better exam rooms. 5 exam centers in Pudong, 3 in Huangpu, 1 in Luwan and 2 in Xuhui were shut down, after that, 2 new centers were set in Huangpu, and one in both Luwan and Xuhui.

Radio monitoring will be used throughout the exams against cheating

As is required by the Ministry of Education, intense efforts should be taken to strictly manage the exams. A promise is required from all the candidates to sign a document promising to be honest, to take identity documents of objectivity, authenticity, and accuracy, as well as to obey relevant regulations during the exams. Furthermore, radio monitoring equipment will be used throughout the exams to prevent and strike cheating with wireless devices. Anti-cheating equipments will be recently delivered to all the exam centers.

In the Shanghai 2010 college entrance examination, subjective questions in English will be added into the on-line marked subjects, which usually include Mathematics, History, and Politics.

2010 Enrollment rate will equal that of 2009.

66,000 candidates (22,000 arts students and 44 000 science students, respectively 33% and 67% of the totality) in Shanghai will participate in the2010 college entrance examination.

As is planned, 54, 7000 Shanghai candidates will be admitted as freshmen by 699 colleges and universities, two from Hong Kong and 14 military and armed police academy included.