High School Affiliated to Shanghai University

Composed at May 18, 2010 - 5:23 pm, filed in Schools, from FLTA

The High School Affiliated to Shanghai University is a municipal experimental demonstrative high school. Its chancellor is Mr.Qianweichang, famous scientist, educator, Chinese academician of sciences and president of Shanghai University. Now the president of the affiliated high school of Shanghai University is Mr.Zhangxuelin, special grade teacher and winner of the state council special allowance.

Since its establishment, it aims at training sustainable talents with solid academic foundations and clear orientation under educational philosophy of 'Integrity and academic excellence'. It has offered basic curriculum, expansion curriculum and research curriculum to ensure the harmonious growth of students. In recent years it has gained significant achievements in the national university entrance examination. With a lot of students enroll into national key universities such as Beijing University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, etc, its undergraduate enrollment rate has reached 90%. In 2008, one of the students from the affiliated high school of Shanghai University, HuangSha, has gained full-mark in the Chinese composition section of the national entrance examination.

With a history of only seven years, its has been honored many awards due to its outstanding school and teaching spirit, such as 'Municipal Model Unit' 'National experimental base for scientific education' 'National Model Unit of Classroom Education' 'Municipal campus of security' 'Advance Unit of Chinese Language' 'Municipal Unit of Ethnic Education', 'Municipal demonstrative school of psychological health' etc.