Shanghai Shixi Middle School, since 1896

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Shanghai Shixi Middle School is located in Yuyuan Rd., downtown Shanghai. It is one of the first demonstration high schools issued by Shanghai Municipality. The school was originally founded in 1896 and changed its name to "Shixi Middle School" in 1946. In 1953 it was nominated as one of the first key schools in Shanghai.

President of Shixi Middle School, Mr. GU Zhenqing is a member of Shanghai People's Congress while being a professional special grade Middle school president. The school has a teaching team of 5 professional special grade teachers and 78 Middle special grade teachers. Its research groups, including Chinese, Mathematics, English and Physics, have enjoyed high reputation in Jing'an District. It is also honored as the "Municipal Experimental School on Biology and Life Science Courses".

As a boarding school, Shixi Middle School enrolls outstanding junior school students and some students of music or sports talent for their further growth and development. Meanwhile Shixi Middle School actively participates in some international academic research programs such as "Project Healthy Youth" organized by UNESCO. It has also established relationships with schools in Germany, UK, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong, etc.

In recent years significant achievements by the students from Shixi Middle Schools have been witnessed in the national university entrance examination. Students have won more than 100 medals in various kinds of municipal, national and international competitions.

The minimum admission score of Shixi Middle School in Jing'an District was 589.5 in 2009.

Address: No. 404, Yuyuan Rd., Jing'an Disrict, Shanghai
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