Fastrack English, designed ESL programs for kids between 3 and 6

Composed at April 27, 2010 - 7:10 pm, filed in Schools, from FLTA

Teaching Methods and Features
In FasTrack English children are taught to use the world's most recognized phonics system to build a solid foundation for reading and writing. Our children learn to ask and respond in complete sentences at all times. Teachers acknowledge the degree of difficulty by encouraging them positively, and having them practice and repeat frequently.

Program Content
FasTrack English is a three-year ESL program. Within the three years the program is divided into 12 levels, each level takes 3 months to complete. The lesson happens once a week and each lesson will take the total of 1.5 hours.

Year 1:
Learning Content: family members; colors & shapes; greetings; country names; body parts; toys & animals; time & occupations
Learning Result: Basic alphabet and phonics; Recognize 37countries; Basic conversation skills

Year 2:
Learning Content: food & fruit; quantity; ports & musical instruments; use of proper tenses; understand basic grammar; advanced phonics
Learning Result: Spontaneous English conversation; Basic skills to describe things; Basic reading skills

Year 3:
Learning Content: weather and seasons; outdoor sports; clothing; use of proper tenses; transportation
Learning Result: Build over 1,000 vocabulary words; advanced reading skills; Use of complete sentences to describe stories

Classic English nursery rhymes and songs
Children learn and sing the same classic English nursery rhymes that their native counterparts sing at the same age. The children easily become immersed in English culture while singing along with the songs. The content of the units is integrated into the songs, which helps children reinforce what they learn.