Mars English Shanghai: focusing on spoken English for job opportunities

Composed at April 27, 2010 - 6:55 pm, filed in Schools, from FLTA

Mars English is China's first training institution for promoting career oral English. It now making effort to promote the international English training system of spoken English through the integration of advanced international concepts ESP training, more focus on the Chinese workplace environment, more professional team of foreign instructors, more effective international multi-media language teaching system.

Features and advantages of Mars English
1. Customized courses:
A tailored learning program is offered to each student. The pre-evaluation will assess your current language level to develop a course schedule according to the assessment results and then help you with the enrollment process. The content of courses can be divided into 9 levels from Intro Level to Mastery Level.

2. ESP teaching methods
ESP (English for Special Purposes) is defined to meet specific needs of the learners by making use of underlying methodology and activities of the discipline it serves. English training courses in Mars English is designed to meet the career needs of each learner.

3. No absence of class
English courses of Mar English are generally designed for business persons. Therefore learning schedules are very flexible, which can be tailored to the specific needs of learners.

4. Register for the VIP class by native teacher to gain more oral practice with native teacher.

Mars English's Program
Mars English Programs is comprised Standard Oral English, Oral English for Job Promotion and some other featured courses, which include the following contents:

Standard Oral English Courses:
Multimedia English Learning, Compulsory Courses, Intensified Oral Practice (Basic Grammar + Professional Promotion), Optional Courses.

Oral English for Promotion Courses:
Interview Course, Interview Course, Perfect Sales, Pre-MBA, Business Innovation, ELLIS

Featured Courses:
M-ZONE Club, Watching English, Movies, English Songs, Presentation Skills, Pronunciation Improvement, etc.
Mars English Program is comprised of 9 levels: Intro, Beginner, Basic, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Business 1, Business 2 and Mastery

Oral English for Promotion Program consists of 4 courses: Interview Course, Global Markets, Perfect Sales, Pre-MBA.