WSE: Wall Street English, a high-end English training center in Shanghai

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The first Wall Street Institute (WSI) was established in 1972 by Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini (Doctor in Foreign Languages). WSI initially began its business operations in Italy but shortly expanded to the rest of Europe. Today, WSI operates over 400 centers in 28 countries and regions throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and celebrated its 37th anniversary this year (2009). Wall Street English (China) has established 40 centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao and Hangzhou and all of our centers are corporate owned, ensuring the same high quality experience in every center. Its name registration is Wall Street English Training Center, Co, Ltd

WSI's Teaching Methods and Features
Wall Street is proud to present its Unique Multimethod to create an English language circumstance for English Learners. This method includes: Individualized and Interactive Multimedia Course; Student Manual - Additional Practices; Encounter Classes with Foreign Teachers; Social Club and English Corner; Complementary Classes with Foreign Teachers, etc.

1. Individualised and Interactive Multimedia Course
You improve your English communication skills by listening, comprehension, reading, repeating, computerized testing and role plays. Comprehensive, fun and realistic, you are actively learning and receiving feedback at every step of your course.

2. Online Courses
If you are too busy to come to the center, you can study our course anywhere through the Internet: 24 hours a day. It is flexible and unlimited.

3. Encounter Classes with Foreign Teachers
WSE provides its full-time, professionally trained and qualified Foreign Teachers with well structured and systematic lesson plans for every class. The classes are designed to encourage and improve your communication through interesting topics and role plays which allow you to put into practice the target language you have learned in the multimedia course. Each Encounter class has a maximum of 4 students who are all at exactly the same level.

4. Complementary Classes with Foreign Teachers
The aim of these classes is to build student confidence and fluency through communicative practices with the Foreign Teacher and students at a similar level.

5. Social Club and English Corner
Social Clubs offer a fun and interactive way for you to further improve your English communication skills. You have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of group activities where only English is spoken. Another opportunity for you to improve your English is at our Foreign Teacher led English Corners. Here, you use the knowledge gained during your studies to express your ideas in a real English environment. All centers have daily English Corners which are always very popular.

Program Contents
The program content includes: Introduction To English; English Online FLEX; Premier English; Business English(Business Online), which can be divided into 17 levels by difficulty and language level: Survival; Waystage; Upper Waystage; Threshold; Milestone; Mastery

1. Introduction To English
The ‘ITE’ program is designed for students who have never studied English, or have had very little experience of the spoken language. ‘ITE’ focuses on the English alphabet and very basic spelling and pronunciation.

2. English On-line FLEX
The "English On-Line (Flex)" program focuses on general communicative English, starting from beginner level to upper Intermediate Level. English On-Line (Flex) blends interactive multimedia with small with Foreign Teacher-led group lessons to ensure that learners progress as effectively and rapidly as possible as well as retain what they have learned.

For the Survival Level, you will learn to understand and use basic words and typical expressions, read simple menus and timetables.

For the Waystage Level, You will learn to cope in everyday situations, introduce yourself, ask directions and order food. You will also learn to read simple instructions and take simple messages and write notes, addresses and lists.

For the Upper Waystage Level, you will learn to understand announcements in airports and stations, participate in conversations, describe professional responsibilities in your career, read technical documents and write short reports.

For the Threshold Level, you will learn to converse with a high degree of fluency, understand business related explanation, and news on the radio. You will also learn how to give presentations in English, read technical manuals, press articles, novels, as well as write reports, minutes of meetings and letters of introduction.

3. Premier English
The "Premier English" program focuses on advanced general English communication. It focuses on developing the advanced language skills necessary to work or study in a native English-speaking environment. This program includes 2 levels: Milestone and Mastery.

For Milestone Level, you will learn to consolidate fluency in for use in typical business situations such as meetings or negotiations.

For Mastery Level, you will continue to improve fluency, master the use of complex expressions, comprehend difficult reading assignments, and write in different styles.

4. Business English(Business On-Line)
Wall Street English also offers a specialized Business English course, with six levels from Elementary to Advanced Level. The "Business On-Line" program is an ideal complement to "English On-Line Flex” or "Premier English" for anyone who wants to use English professionally in a commercial business, government organization, or any official situation.

Business Online Level 1
You will learn to introduce yourself, your profession and your company and ask people for the same information about themselves.

Business Online Level 2
You will learn to talk about different types of job, and what they consist of, as well as some standard business terminology and idioms.

Business Online Level 3
You will learn to talk about business traveling to different countries and cities around the world, and how to express and realize your career ambitions.

Business Online Level 4
You will learn to talk about marketing techniques and strategies, and the advertising business. You will also look at setting up and running your own successful business.

Business Online Level 5
You will learn to talk about pricing strategies, the world of financial markets, and raising investment capital for your business. You will also look at different approaches to management and to customer service.

Business Online Level 6
You will learn to talk about how to stay ahead of your competitors, and how to plan your company's expansion into new products and markets. You will also learn how to give an effective business presentation in English.