Web International English in Shanghai, teaching adults

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Web International English was established in 1998 with the aim of "providing Chinese people with a better and more effective way of learning English". It has become one of the most competitive English training centers in Shanghai within just 10 years. Web has established nearly 30 centers across China, including 9 training centers in Shanghai. (Wall Street English has 9 training centers in Shanghai while EF English has 19). Its registration name: Shanghai Web Cultural Communications, Co.,Ltd.

Web's Innovative Concept
Web International English adopts an advanced English learning method, the unique "Three-Stage Multi-Discipline Learning Method", trying to improve the students’ English language levels by provide them with a complete learning environment by avoiding the malpractices of the traditional English teaching.

Web International offers much more though than simply computer self-study and classes given by native teachers. The Web student can also enjoy a wide range of extra activities, such as English Corners, Movie Classes and Extra Curricular trips. These are events where the students can mingle with the foreign teachers, that come from a range of different countries, and practice English in a totally natural, real-life way. In this way not only will the students' language skills improve but also their cultural knowledge.

About Web's English program
Web International's English program is powered by DynEd International, the patent-holder and leader in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)in Silicon Valley, USA. The course ware developed by DynEd International has proved successful in more than seventy countries in the past fifteen years. The multi-disciplinary teaching model of Web international is to combine a guided multimedia teaching method with directly related private classes to give students the opportunity to use their newly acquired knowledge and to identify any problem. Through this kind of tangible, definite and effective study procedure English learners will be able to form an English language frame in their mind which will help them in real-time English communication. This combination has proved to be the most effective learning mode for realizing full potential of CALL within a real time environment. DynEd® series of courses has been widely used in over 70 countries worldwide, who have gained more than 40 international awards.

Courses at Web International English in Shanghai
Web International Program is comprised of 8 stages: Icebreaker; Threshold; Beginner; Lower Intermediate; Business-intermediate; Intermediate; Business-Advanced; Advanced. Progressive study objectives are set for each stage to effectively guide students toward mastery of the language.
1. Icebreaker: To be able to use some words and grammar, to make simple conversations.
2. Threshold: To be able to learn some English language patterns, to talk about daily activities.
3. Beginner: To be able to give personal information with the past, present and future tense. Basic language ability of living abroad.
4. Lower Intermediate: To be able to describe daily life with simple sentences and to talk freely with English speakers about daily activities.
5. Intermediate: To be familiar with the language structure and to be able to use English competently in a number of different situations.
6. Business-intermediate: To be familiar with the language structure and to be able to use English competently in a number of different situations.
7. Business-Advanced: To be able to use complicated and analytical expressions, focused on topics such as business negotiations, policy making, and activity design, business writing is also emphasized.
8. Advanced: To be able to talk about all daily activities as well as academic subjects. To achieve almost native speaker-like fluency.

1. When you first step into Web International, the receptionists will register your personal information and introduce you to a Course Consultant.
2. The Course Consultant will present the learning method used here at Web International and show you the advantages of its teaching system, as well as demonstrating how the Web International methods differs from other traditional learning methods.
3. The computer-based placement tests will assess your current language level. The Course Consultant will develop a course schedule according to the assessment results and then help you with the enrollment process. Following this, you will be assigned to a personal tutor who will assist you in completing your study at Web International.
4. After registration, your tutor will give you an orientation class. This class will cover how to use our Multimedia Lab and how to book the Private Classes and Salon Classes that are given by our native English-speaking teachers. You will also learn where you can find assistance when you encounter difficulties.
5. After a final presentation, you will be invited to take part in a Graduation Ceremony and will receive a certificate from Web International English.

A variety of Extra Curricular Activities (Outings, Dinner, Shopping trips, Sports clubs) will help you improve your English in an authentic English-speaking environment.