SMU - Shanghai Maritime University

Composed at May 26, 2010 - 1:23 pm, filed in Schools, from FLTA

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university with special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management and consists of such programs as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science.

In 1959 the Ministry of Communications created Shanghai Maritime Institute. It was officially renamed as 'Shanghai Maritime University' after the approvement by the Ministry of Education in 2004. In 2008 SMU changed its main campus to Harbor City in Nanhui District. SMU covers a campus of 1.33 million square meters, with an area of buildings of 600 thousand square meters ,a green coverage of 52% and a water coverage of 80 thousand square meters.

At present the university has second-level-disciplines including faculty of merchant, faculty of transportation, faculty of economy and management, faculty of logistics, faculty of information engineering, faculty of foreign language, faculty of marine environment and engineering, faculty of law science, art faculty of XU Beihong, etc. During the past decades the university has produced specialists of various kinds for the China's shipping industry. It has graduated over 50,000 students employed in shipping companies, port enterprises and government institutions. Therefore SMU enjoys a reputation of the 'cradle of international shipping specialists'.

SMU offers cooperative programs with World Maritime University, University of Western Australia, Maastricht School of Management and the Hogeschool Zeeland from the Netherlands and the St. Martin's University from the United States. It has signed cooperation agreements with Eramus University (Netherlands), Gdynia Martime University (Poland), Singapore Polytechnic, Tokyo University of Marine Science And Technology. In addition, SMU has established cooperative relationships with Cambridge University, Cardiff University, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Registro Italiano, Brest Technology Park in France, Foremost Group from the United States, etc. The website acquisition and processing centre of China - Singapore Economic and Trade Cooperation and China- Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation are also located in SMU.

By relying on shipping while utilizing Shanghai's resources, serving the whole country while reaching out to the world, SMU will promote its special features and advantages of its disciplines and aim at becoming a world-class maritime university.