Extension of Alien Employment Permit

Composed at April 28, 2010 - 4:56 pm, filed in Policies & Regulations, from http://www.12333sh.gov.cn

Requirements for Applicant:
The applicant must:
1. Apply for the extension of the Employment Permit within 30 days prior to the expiration date of the Employment Permit;
2. Have a labor contract / employment agreement with local employer, or have an income certificate issued by overseas employer;
3. be between the age 18 and 60 for male, and between 18 and 55 for female;
4. Hold valid passport and residence permit;
5. Meet other conditions defined by relevant laws and regulations.

Documents Required for Application:
I, Applying for Employment Permit Extension at Reception Center
1. One filled-out Application Form for Employment Permit Extension, which can be downloaded on the website;
2. Valid Business License or other legal Registration Certificate with annual inspection stamp (copy);
3. Copy of labor contract / employment agreement signed by the employer and the foreigner to be employed, or copy of income certificate issued by overseas employer;
4. Employment Permit (original);
5. Valid passport and residence permit; (Both original and copy are needed.)
6. The chief representative or the representative of the representative office shall also provide the valid Representative Certificate (Both original and copy are needed. Above-mentioned item 3 in Documents Required for Application entry can be omitted.);
7. In case any contents of Employment Permit need alteration, relevant proof documents shall be provided.
8. In case the pages for extension, alteration, or annual inspection in the Employment Permit are used up, one passport photo should be provided for a new permit.
9. Other documents requested by the certificate issuing authority.

Those whose position is vice general manager or above should provide a new resolution of the board of directors if the term of employment stated in previous resolution is over.