Application for Alien Employment Permit in Shanghai

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Requirements for Applicant:
The applicant must:
1. Hold an Employment License;
2. Enter China with a Z (working) visa;
3. Hold a health certificate issued or confirmed by an authorized medical institution;
4. Have a labor contract / employment agreement with local employer, or have an income certificate issued by overseas employer;
5. Meet other conditions defined by relevant laws and regulations.

Documents Required for Application:
I. Applying for Employment Permit at Reception Center
1. Two filled-out Employment Registration Form of Foreign Employees in China; (which can be downloaded on the website);
2. Copy of Employment License;
3. Copy of labor contract / employment agreement signed by the employer and the foreigner to be employed, or copy of income certificate issued by overseas employer; (Remuneration payer, job position of employee and duration of employment must be stated in this income certificate.)
4. Valid passport and visa of the foreigner; (Both original and copy are needed.)
5. Health certificate confirmed or issued by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (copy);
6. Three recently-taken passport photos.(Two of the photos should be pasted on the forms, and the other one will be pasted on the employment permit.)
7. Other documents requested by the certificate issuing authority.

Normally, the valid period of Employment Permit shall not exceed one year. In case the foreigner is the direct investor or legal representative, or employed by an enterprise which has the registered capital over 3 million USD, or employed by a regional headquarter in shanghai established by multinational corporations, the duration of the foreigner’s employment permit can be determined by that of the labor contract or employment agreement, but the valid period for one review shall not exceed five years and shall not exceed the validity of the foreigner’s passport, and the term of the business license or the registration certificate of the employer either.