Instructions for applying for employment license in Shanghai

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Requirements for Applicant:
The applicant must:
1. be in good health and with no mental illness and epidemics such as leprosy, AIDS, venereal diseases, open tuberculosis, etc. or the diseases prohibited by the job they are engaged in;
2. be with a clearly-defined employer;
3. have professional skills, proper academic background required for the job of the intended employment and more than two-year relevant working experience;
4. have no criminal record;
5. hold valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of the passport;
6. be between the age 18 and 60 for male, and between 18 and 55 for female;
7. meet other conditions defined by relevant laws and regulations.

Documents Required for Application:
Applying for Employment License at Reception Center
1. One filled-out Application Form for Foreigners Employment in China, which can be downloaded on the website;
2. Valid Business License or other legal Registration Certificate with annual inspection stamp (copy), Organization Code Certificate (copy), and Certificate of Approval for the foreign-invested enterprises (copy);
3. The curriculum vitae of the foreigner to be employed (including the highest education degree and detailed working experiences, which must be printed in Chinese and stamped by the employer);
4. The relevant credentials of the foreigner (referring to relevant technical or skill qualification issued by competent organizations; in case no certificates have been obtained, the foreigner shall provide reference letters issued by his/her former employer, showing his/her working experiences related with current job position;
5. Educational certificates related with current job position (copy);
6. Valid passport of the foreigner (copy);
7. Other documents requested by the certificate issuing authority.