Company registration in Shanghai, how to register a business in Shanghai?

Composed at April 24, 2010 - 9:37 pm, filed in Policies & Regulations, from FLTA

The investors can register a business and start their own company in Shanghai by following the 4 steps below:

Step 1. Go to the registration hall to apply for a name of the company and submit the required documents below:
1) <Application for Registration of Company's Name> signed by investors;
2) Other pertinent documents and credentials.

Step 2. Apply for approval certificates to commission of Foreign economic relation and trade and submit contracts, articles of association and feasibility reports.

Step 3. Go to the registration hall to apply for business license and submit documents as below (should have got the approval certificates referred to in Step 2):
1) <Application for Registration of Foreign Investment Company> signed by the legal representative to be appointed;
2) The approval documents (written reply and duplicate 1 of approval certificate) of examination and approval authority;
3) Article of association for company;
4) Pre-approval notification of the name;
5) Investors' legal qualification certificates or identity certificates of natural persons;
6) Original Letter of appointment of legal representative, directors, supervisors and general manager, as well as the copies of their identification certificates.
7) Certificates of company's legal domicile;
8) Authorization for power of attorney to deliver legal documents;
9) Other pertinent documents.

Step 4. Go to the registration hall and get the business license.