Teaching English to kindergarten children & kids in Shanghai

In recent years kindergarten education is developing vigorously in China by serving the greatest population of the pre-primary children in the world. There are approximately one hundred million pre-primary children in China. The importance of English in the kindergarten education is increasing rapidly along with the globalization, so teaching English in kindergartens is becoming more and more popular while the needs for native English teachers by the parents of children increase within these years.

It is necessary to create a circumstance of English learning for the children, which can be realized only in the kindergartens in China. And teachers in kindergartens have prepared plenty of audio-visual materials, toys, games for English learning and dedicate themselves to establish a circumstance of English language for the children. However native teachers still play an important role in providing children with a native language circumstance for learning English by motivating their interest in learning English and improve the quality of kindergarten English teaching.

Suggestions for teaching English in Shanghai kindergartens
1. Be enthusiastic, energetic, easygoing, and cheerful.
2. Try to be active in class. For example, tell stories to kids and interact with them by teaching them dancing, singing, playing games, etc.