Tutoring jobs in Shanghai, premium English tutoring opportunities

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Nowadays, with the English language becoming increasingly important in our daily work and life, many people in Shanghai choose to learn English in their spare time. They tend to find native teachers to help them improve their English language skills including listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Language levels and ages of the English learners in Shanghai are diversified, ranging from kindergarten kids to university students, even business people.

To tutor kindergarten kids in Shanghai
For kindergarten kids (3-6), tutors are designated to motivate their interest in learning English, help them improve their pronunciation, create a rich English language environment and build the children's confidence when talking to native speakers.

Teenagers and College Students Tutoring jobs in Shanghai
For primary school, high school and college students, tutors are designated to improve their English speaking, vocabulary and help them reconcile the cultural difference. This course also includes exam preparations for study abroad such as GCSE, A-level, SSAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

Adults tutoring in Shanghai
Most adults need a tutor for work and life. Some want to learn survival English in order to travel abroad and chat with their foreign friends; some want to improve their business English skills, such as Email writing, presentations, phone meetings, and negotiations.

Suggestions for tutoring in Shanghai:
1. An easy and outgoing personality is preferred.
2. Try to be entertaining in class. A good sense of humor is a plus.
3. Demonstrate your professionalism by preparing for each lesson in advance with books, self-made materials even a piece of paper with a list of topics.
4. Punctuality and dependability are always highly valued.