Corporate English training jobs in Shanghai, teach business English

For both domestic and international corporations in Shanghai, an excellent command of English is highly valued and considered as a competitive qualification. So corporate English training focuses on not only English language proficiency, but also on the various skills needed to make your staff perform better and for your business success.

All the courses are tailored to the trainees’ exact needs, no matter they are sales managers, IT programmers, manufactory workers, stock investors, or purchasing managers. We guarantee rapid progress and ensure that the learning objectives are always met. We are committed to provide them with such courses as business English, business writing, cross-cultural communications, business negotiation, presentation skills, etc.

Meanwhile we’re looking for those who can:
1. Design and tailor the lesson plans based upon the trainees' exact needs;
2. Make classes more interesting and interactive
3. Make use of relative business background and rich experiences in corporate training;
4. Bridge the cultural gap.