Training center English teaching jobs and positions in shanghai

A training center or a language school aims in non-degree training and education, focusing on the students' English abilities. Currently training centers are booming in Shanghai and their demands for native English teachers exceed those of the public or private schools.

Some training centers in Shanghai specialize in teaching 0-3 years old children, called "Early Childhood Training Center", where teachers take care of the babies in an English-speaking environment all day long.
Some training centers specialize in training children (3-12) or teenagers (12-18) using various manuals for SSAT, SAT, GCSE and A-Level courses.

Besides, some training centers offer English language courses specifically designed for the needs of adults with different English levels, covering survival English to business English even simultaneous interpretation skills.

Most training centers provide courses in small class with a size from 4-20 students. One-on-one class, also known as ‘VIP class’, is also available with higher tuition fees.