Teaching English to elementary & primary school pupils in Shanghai

In Shanghai, great importance and attention have been attached to English teaching in both elementary and secondary schools, especially in private and international schools.Therefore the demands for native English teachers are constantly growing in Shanghai.

The size of class of elementary school students (6-12) varies from 20 to 50 or even more in some rural areas. Pupils have regular English classes given by Chinese teachers, plus one or two lessons given by native teachers every week. In international elementary schools, more lessons are given by native teachers in English.

What to teach in elementary schools
Elementary English teaching focuses on speaking, listening, basic vocabulary and some simple writing skills which aim to improve the students' language abilities of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Textbooks used in most Shanghai primary schools
Shanghai elementary schools use different English textbooks for English teaching. The most popular ones are listed below, some of which you might have seen already. However, some international schools use their own textbooks offered by their partners based in the USA, the UK, Singapore, etc.

Popular English textbooks for kids

Cambridge English
Oxford English
SBS - Side by Side English
New Concept English