Shanghai subway Line 1, 28 metro stations, since 1999

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Line 1 operates between the terminal stations of Fujin Rd. and Xinzhuang Station, covering 28 subway stations.

Fujin Road Station

West Youyi Road Station

Bao'an Highway Station

Gongfu Xincun Station

Hulan Road Station

Tonghe Xincun Station

Gongkang Road Station

Pengpu Xincun Station

Wenshui RoadS tation

Shanghai Circus World Station

Yanchang Road Station

North Zhongshan Road Station

Shanghai Railway Station

Hanzhong Road Station

Xinzha Road Station

People's Square Station

South Huangpi Road Station

South Shaanxi Road Station

Changshu Road Station ->Hengshan Road Station

Xujiahui Station

Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station

Caobao Road Station

South Shanghai Railway Station

Jinjiang Park Station

Lianhua Road Station

Waihuanlu Station

Xinzhuang Station

There are 7 transfer stations:
Shanghai Railway Station - Line 3 and Line 4
People's Square Station - Line 2 and Line 8
South Shaanxi Road Station - Line 10
Xujiahui Station - Line 9
Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station - Line 4
South Shanghai Railway Station - Line 3
Xinzhuang Station - Line 5