Foreign Docs Providing Personal Services for Children in Ren'ai

Composed at June 16, 2010 - 1:45 am, filed in Living, from FLTA

The first international clinic for children in Xujiahui, Shanghai was founded in Ren'ai Hospital in 6 June. The clinic provides an easy access to children services of high quality for families. As a brand new measure from the clinic, "personal services" will be available since the birth date of a baby. Parents can choose a doctor for their newly born children.The doctors will make a specific nurturing plan for every family and devote themselves into their jobs day and night.

The World Expo has drawn an increasing number of foreigners to Shanghai, an international metropolis, for visiting or living. Xujiahui District is the second home for foreigners, especially foreign children. As is advertised, the international clinic for children will provide clinic and hospital treatment of international standard. The experts in the clinic are experienced pediatricians from other countries ; the nurses are those who can speak several languages like English, Japanese, and French, and have obtained a NCLEX in Australia, the United States and other countries, so they can directly communicate with the foreign children in Ren'ai. Ren'ai Hospital will also offer a costumer-made nurturing plan for every family, including health care, disease precaution and treatment, and health education. Green Passages of many famous hospitals are also available here to make specific accination programs for every child. Experienced and knowlegible doctors will offer 24-hour services in the international clinic.