June 1: Children's Day; Jahcoozi; Duke Ellington

Composed at May 27, 2010 - 12:17 pm, filed in Living, from FLTA

June 1 is Universal Children's Day, so take your little ones out for some play time this weekend at the Children's Day Bazaar, or for some magical splendor at the theater. The Shanghai jazz scene is bolstered by a tribute to the legendary Duke Ellington and a night of soul from the Lolita Jackson Group. Winos get out for a glass at new restaurant Avalon's first wine tasting, while cocktail aficionados will find cheap offers all June at Ci5, which is celebrating a one-year anniversary. Then there's Finnish insanity along the XingFu Road strip to keep you buzzed, as well as Berlin trio
Jachoozi bubbling up The Shelter.