FAQs about tutoring: salary, students, payment, books, procedure, etc.

Composed at June 5, 2009 - 4:27 am, filed in FAQ, from FLTA

1. Salary: how much shall I be paid for English tutoring?
Generally, the price for English tutoring in Shanghai ranges from 150 to 200 RMB per hour, depending on the location, the schedule, the duration, the size of class and your experiences and abilities, etc.
You can decide a price for your tutoring totally at your will, but make sure the price is reasonable so as to gain you more opportunities and we'll also help the teachers find the appropriate price range to improve their competitiveness.

2. Payment: how and how often am I paid?
For tutoring, the teachers are usually paid directly by the student in cash (occasionally by FLTA).
Generally we recommend that the tutor get paid after each class, but it is still negotiable. The payment could be made weekly, monthly, etc.

3. Agent service fee: Who should pay for it? How much is it? How to pay?
Yes we do charge an agent service fee by helping our clients find premium and reliable tutoring jobs. The price of the service fee is equal to the salary of your first-time class. Please be noted that the agent service fee will be charged once only with guarantee of success. And there's no commission fees, sign up fees or any other kind of fees.
Normally tutors don't need to pay the fees since students will pay first-time class teaching salary to FLTA when signing the contract between the student and FLTA.

4. What if I tutor for once only? Can I still get paid?
If the agreement is discarded within the first 2 times, 50% of the agent service fee shall be reimbursed to the teacher.

5. Students: whom am I going to tutor?
First of all, you can choose different kinds of students based upon your preference, which include: young kids (3-6 years old), elementary school students (6-12 years old), high school students (teenagers, 12-18 years old), university students (over 18 years old) and adults (businesspersons, engineers, etc.).
We're committed to help you find the most appropriate student according to your tutoring preference and experiences.

6. Materials: what to teach? What book shall I choose?
As a tutor, you're supposed to prepare the lessons and materials based on the needs of student. An integration of textbooks and your own materials and ideas is mostly appreciated by the students.

7. Procedure: how to get started? how soon can I find students?
Step 1: Get in touch with us: please feel free to send us your information (resume, contacts, certificates, etc.).
Step 2: We'll help you choose the most appropriate students (based on your preference like location, schedule, salary, etc.) and set up an appointment for around half an hour.
Step 3: During the 30-minutes’ rendezvous (there’s no salary for the tutor, nor the tuition fee for the student), you need to figure out the students' weakness in English, provide them some suggestions for English learning and outline your teaching plan.
Step 4: We'll sign a contract with the student and determine the schedule and place.
Note: sometimes the first interview could be skipped if the student is too far away or the teacher proves to be very experienced.
Your income and teaching experience will grow with the increase of the students you teach rapidly.