Tutoring jobs in Shanghai

Thousands of freelance teachers' favorite: Tutoring jobs in Shanghai

Part-time working with willing English learners, utilizing your ESL methods and business experiences to help them with their English abilities, earning 150-200RMB even more per hour. Learn More »

Corporate English Teaching in Shanghai

The wave of the future in China: Teaching Corporate Business English

Get involved in the fastest growing segment of the English teaching field in Shanghai, facilitating communicative business english classes for Fortune 500's local Chinese staff in Shanghai. Learn More »

Kindergarten ESL Teaching jobs in Shanghai

Enjoy the fun time with kids: Teaching jobs in Kinderartens

Realize your idea of being among children, interacting with them and being a part of their developmental process in a real English environment. Learn More »

Teaching English in elementary schools in Shanghai

Interact with pupils directly: ESL Jobs in Elementary Schools

Teach the pupils new vocabulary, reading comprehension, creative writing, cultures, etc. Witness the students progressing with their English language development. Learn More »

High school ESL teachers jobs in Shanghai

Meeting the enthusiastic students: Teaching ESL in High Schools

Teaching ESL has become a real endeavor pursued at all academic levels in Shanghai. The explosion in the development of high school English programs brings a lot of ESL teaching opportunities. Learn More »

Shanghai University ESL Teaching Jobs

Gain a highlight in your teaching career: ESL Jobs in Universities

Universitie ESL jobs in Shanghai will gratify your travelling needs and passion for teaching in China. You'll enjoy the experiences of exploring the culture and hospitality of China. Learn More »

Teaching English in Training Centers

The fastest growing industry-education: Teaching English in Training Centers

It is such an environment where guts and glory go hand-in-hand. Get the most rewarding and stimulating teaching jobs and chieve in your 30's what others won't do in their 40's. Learn More »